Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Remembering Christmas

Have I mentioned that I love Christmas?
I always complain that it comes too quickly, and that it "sneaks up on me".  I get tired of  seeing how early the stores start putting Christmas merchandise on the shelves every year.  I get tired of hearing how someone is offended by it.  I never get the decorations up as early as I'd like, if at all.
And then, slowly or quickly, loudly or subtly, it's HERE!
And I remember...
I remember that stores can't tell me when to celebrate.
I remember that society can't tell me how or what to celebrate.
I remember that I wait in joyful expectation of it every year.
I remember that no matter what the year past has given me, or what the year to come will bring....
I remember that my God is HERE!
This is what all creation lives in anticipation of and always will.
There is no one who can limit the expression of the love my God has for me.
And so I remember that when all the wrapping paper is gone and the decorations are put away...
It's really always Christmas, for my God is still here, and I will spend my time with Him -
for then I am in good company.

Please remember Him, for He remembers you...
Merry Christmas everyone!

Dan Bode