Sunday, June 17, 2012

To My Daughters on Father's Day

Dear Jennifer and Kaytie,

This Father’s Day is different from the rest.
It is the first of many more to come in a new era of our family.
We’ve gone through a lot together to reach this point, and we are a stronger family for it.
I have known you since your conception. Only God has known you longer.
There are some things I want to make sure you know.
God made a choice to make me your father, and so I am your father by blood, but I made a choice to be your father.  He made you wonderfully and placed you in my care, and I was scared to death, but from the first moment I held you I knew everything was exactly as it was supposed to be.
I have always been here because I wanted to be your father.
I have always striven to be a good father, because I get to be your father.
This was always my motivation.
It has always been my privilege to be known as the man who is your father; the one to be reckoned with.
Being a father is the greatest role I’ve had in life, because you are my children.
Now I am a grandfather and blessed all over again, because your children are my grandchildren.
The love I have for you will never be diminished, and you can never be replaced in my heart.
I will always be proud of the women you have become despite the mistakes I made, or the things I should have done and didn’t.
You are my children, and I could not have asked for better.
I cannot describe how grateful and joyful I am that you still desire to have a relationship with me.
I will continue to strive to be the father God calls me to be for you - it's a promise He asked me to make, and I will gladly keep it.
You are truly blessings to me now and always.
For all these reasons, and all because of you, Today is my best Father’s Day.
I Love You,